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Privacy Policy

At this time (March 15, 2017), Jesta's Funhouse does not collect data from users of its Android apps, with (1) exception noted below. We have no interest in collecting personal data from our users. Our apps also do not have internet permissions nor access and cannot send any data back to Jesta's Funhouse (again, with the (1) below exception). Because there is no data transmitted to Jesta's Funhouse through the course of its standard operation, your data cannot be collected by third-parties.

EXCEPTION: Jesta's Funhouse' apps may contain a feature to send a "debug log" useful for the purpose of troubleshooting problems with said apps. The app prepares an email which can then be sent to Jesta's Funhouse for analysis. The email generated by the app can contain phone numbers, names, addresses, notes, and other personally-identifying information. These data will only be used for the purposes of debugging and troubleshooting our apps, and will never be shared with third-parties. The data will be sent by an email app/provider on your device to our Google email service; thus the security of your data as it passes through your email provider will fall under the privacy and security policies of that provider and Google's email serice. Please contact your email service provider and/or Google for its privacy and security policies. The data in these "debug logs" sent to Jesta's Funhouse can be deleted on our end upon request.

If you communicate with Jesta's Funhouse through email, we may retain your email address. Please be assured that under no circumstances will your email address be shared with third-parties, nor will we use it to solicit. It will only be used for direct communication for you, solely for the purpose of supporting our apps or to offer opportunities to help with testing or translation.

If our data-collection practices change at any point in the future, this privacy policy will be updated to detail the changes.